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Decentralized Randomness Beacon: drand

Jun 18, 2019  
This is a summary of drand and the League of Entropy.
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The engineering team evolves

Apr 8, 2019  
Linus moves on to decentralise decentralisation, and adding new heads.
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Version 3 for kyber, onet and cothority

Feb 21, 2019  
Version 3 of kyber, onet and cothority is released. New features include Go modules, blockchain with smart-contract support and much more.
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Recruiting a Security/Privacy Software Engineer

Jan 21, 2019  
DEDIS Lab is hiring a Security/Privacy Software Engineer.
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E-voting at EPFL

Jul 1, 2018  
Applying decentralisation to real-world problems.
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Welcome new engineers

Dec 1, 2017  
Investing in our engineering team.
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Software Engineer

May 29, 2017  
The DEDIS-lab hired security/privacy software engineers.
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Cothority v1

Jan 16, 2017  
Summary of the Cothority v1 project release.
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New Release

Apr 18, 2016  
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